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Vionnet Pre-Fall 2015

Goga Ashkenazi embraced the starry sky as the main theme of her pre-fall lineup for Vionnet

Vionnet RTW Spring 2015

“It’s all about the movement of the clothes,” said creative director Goga Ashkenazi of the spring line…

Vionnet Couture Fall 2014

Hussein Chalayan’s sophomore demi-couture collection for Vionnet was a study in geometry.

Vionnet Resort 2015

Interesting material play was at the core of Goga Ashkenazi’s strong resort lineup for Vionnet.

Vionnet RTW Fall 2014

“Architecture versus nature,” said Goga Ashkenazi of her fall inspiration.

Vionnet Couture Spring 2014

Hussein Chalayan’s first effort for the brand signaled a conceptual and forward-looking approach to the…

Vionnet Pre-Fall 2014

Goga Ashkenazi looked in two disparate ways for pre-fall: the Pink Panther and the house of Vionnet’s…

Vionnet RTW Spring 2014

Goga Ashkenazi, the brand's owner and creative director, considerably softened the tone from fall’s treatise…

Vionnet Fall Couture 2013

The technical problems that delayed Vionnet's demi-couture presentation by a full day were hardly minor.

Vionnet Resort 2014

While silhouettes had a Forties and Seventies feel, Ashkenazi actually took cues from a dress designed by…

Vionnet RTW Fall 2013

There were elaborately folded coats and dresses in the brand’s first fashion show on the official Paris…

Vionnet Pre-Fall 2013

Owner and creative director Goga Ashkenazi injected a fresh, contemporary twist into the brand’s…

Vionnet RTW Spring 2013

Goga Ashkenazi and company etched Madeleine Vionnet’s legacy via minimalist plays on her signatures.

Vionnet Resort 2013

Barbara and Lucia Croce reworked the house’s traditional couture codes, translating the clothes into…

Vionnet RTW Fall 2012

Creative directors Barbara and Lucia Croce moved the focus from eveningwear to tailored day looks that…