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Vivetta RTW Spring 2022

Continuing to veer toward a more graphic direction, Vivetta Ponti delivered a concise collection that was…

Vivetta RTW Fall 2021

With a psychedelic take on her bucolic iconography, Vivetta Ponti found a new formula to express her…

Vivetta RTW Spring 2021

The brand's whimsical iconography was scaled back in this concise collection, which was far less heavy in…

Vivetta Resort 2021

Inspired by nature, Vivetta Ponti returned to her roots with a bucolic take on her feminine aesthetics.

Vivetta RTW Fall 2020

Why talk about sustainability when you can wear it on your sleeve, or in the case of Vivetta, your eco-fur…

Vivetta RTW Spring 2020

Ponti drew her ideas from Slim Aarons' images of glossy socialites, and family memories of Sixties Greece…

Vivetta RTW Fall 2019

This collection had an otherworldly feel with designer Vivetta Ponti looking to conjure the ideal house…

Vivetta Pre-Fall 2019

Inspired by an antique tapestry, the designer refreshed her sweet aesthetic with a punkish vibe.

Vivetta RTW Spring 2019

Vivetta Ponti seemed to approach femininity from a little girl's perspective.

Vivetta Resort 2019

Vivetta Ponti reworked a Western inspiration with her signature sweet and playful style.

Vivetta RTW Fall 2018

Vivetta Pons said she was inspired by Carol Alt's wardrobe in "My First Forty Years," a cult Italian movie…

Vivetta RTW Spring 2018

Vivetta Ponti's spring collection drew from the dreamlike art of Andrey Remnev.

Vivetta Resort 2018

Vivetta Ponti introduced edgier, more mature silhouettes for resort.

Vivetta RTW Fall 2017

A Forties' circus inspired this collection, which was infused with whimsical, surreal touches.

Vivetta RTW Spring 2017

The collection was pure charm, what with little frogs marching across embroidered leather jackets and fairies…