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William Rast Men’s RTW Spring 2015

William Rast went goth for spring with its new higher-end William Rast Noble label.

William Rast Men’s RTW Fall 2010

A strong sense of utility was tempered with a bit of bohemian romance.

William Rast RTW Fall 2010

Welcome to the Wild West, William Rast-style. Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala blended a tribal motif into…

William Rast RTW Spring 2010

The many creative cooks — Justin Timberlake, Trace Ayala and Johan and Marcella Lindeberg — in William Rast’s…

William Rast Men’s RTW Fall 2009

Johan and Marcella Lindeberg took the harder, darker side of Nashville’s Southern-rock roots as muse.

William Rast RTW Fall 2009

Tennessee is home to Music City, so it’s no surprise that in troubled times Johan and Marcella Lindeberg took…

William Rast RTW Spring 2009

Anyone expecting a song or dance from Justin Timberlake was at the wrong show.