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Willy Chavarria RTW Spring 2023

Willy Chavarria took us to church (literally), showcasing a lineup of sensually charged sportswear infused…

Willy Chavarria Men’s Fall 2022

Chavarria's most elevated offering to date is a celebration of the struggle for the American dream most…

Willy Chavarria Men’s Spring 2022

The men's spring 2022 collection was one of the more positive collections from the veteran designer.

Willy Chavarria Men’s Fall 2021

Chavarria navigates these uncertain times with a uniform based on extreme silhouettes.

Willy Chavarria Men’s Spring 2020

The designer returned to New York for the spring season.

Willy Chavarria Men’s Spring 2019

The show also introduced the designer's new collaboration with Danish soccer brand Hummel.

Willy Chavarria Men’s Fall 2018

The mood was dark and somber.

Willy Chavarria Men’s Spring 2018

The designer showed at a New York leather bar.

Willy Chavarria Men’s Fall 2017

Willy Chavarria used his fall collection to explore oppression, specifically movements led by marginalized…