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Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2023

The South Korean designer channeled Y2K and all of the optimism, color and off-kilter proportions of the…

Wooyoungmi Men’s Fall 2022

The South Korean designer drew parallels between a Russian count's lifelong house arrest and today's…

Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2022

The South Korean designer took cues from pioneering turn-of-the-20th-century doctors for the season.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Fall 2021

Nostalgia for unspoiled nature inspired this outdoorsy fall lineup.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2021

Woo Young Mi took a cue from the late dancer-choreographer Pina Bausch this season.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Fall 2020

The high-end men's wear label debuted women's wear this season.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2020

Katie Chung's collection took a cue from the revival of Japan's City Pop music genre.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Fall 2019

Katie Chung was inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Lost Generation this season.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2019

"A new generation of David Bowie" inspired Katie Chung's collection.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Fall 2018

Katie Chung's first solo show had a new, rougher edge.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2018

The skater-chic collection was inspired by the Catherine Hardwicke-helmed biopic "Lords of Dogtown."

Wooyoungmi Men’s Fall 2017

A series of portraits of Oscar Wilde inspired the romantic collection.

Wooyoungmi Men’s Spring 2017

The collection was inspired by Sol LeWitt's art.

Wooyoungmi Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The designers presented a flurry of soft silhouettes and flowery patterns with a retro tinge.

Wooyoungmi Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Imagining a futuristic voyage to the moon, Woo Yougmi and Katie Chung sent out a sporty bunch of travelers…