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Xander Zhou Men’s Fall 2021

The collection is a smart remix and update from his previous works, with a focus on cute puffers.

Xander Zhou Men’s Spring 2021

Imagine ancient Chinese civilization colonizing the Milky Way with advanced technologies, that's the vibe of…

Xander Zhou Men’s Fall 2020

The designer introduces a fictional breed of mankind "Homo Multiversalis" and some nice puffa jacket to the…

Xander Zhou Men’s Spring 2020

Zhou showed his men's wear collection with a virtual runway show complete with CGI models, incense and floor…

Xander Zhou Men’s Fall 2019

Cuddly yetis, heebie-jeebie-inducing space monsters and lots of great clothes.

Xander Zhou Men’s Spring 2019

Zhou shared his vision of an extraterrestrial, futuristic world with a collection that dabbled between the…

Xander Zhou Men’s Spring 2018

An austere and outlandish feel permeated the designer's spring collection.

Xander Zhou Men’s RTW Fall 2017

For fall, Chinese designer Xander Zhou looked first to the traditional tailoring worn by bankers the world…

Xander Zhou Men’s Spring 2017

There was an unconventional charm to Xander Zhou's tribe of outsiders.

Xander Zhou Men’s RTW Fall 2016

While Xander Zhou didn't have a central theme in mind for his fall collection, the London-based Chinese…

Xander Zhou Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Xander Zhou has mined images from Western culture for his experimental, youthful men's wear, among them…

Xander Zhou Men’s RTW Fall 2015

The Beijing-based designer put a futuristic, techno spin on the idea of the Wild West with a youthful…

Xander Zhou Men’s RTW Spring 2015

The models looked like a tribe of futuristic lost boys, clad in the designer’s punkish take on men’s wear…

Xander Zhou Men’s RTW Fall 2014

The designer channeled a charmingly madcap, collegiate mood for fall.

Xander Zhou Men’s RTW Spring 2013

This collection, inspired by the fleur-de-lis, wasn't one for wallflowers.