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Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Spring 2016

Inspired by the work of architect Frank Gehry, Yasutoshi Ezumi took a deconstructed approach to his spring…

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Fall 2015

Modern architecture pioneer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe inspired Yasutoshi Ezumi this season.

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Spring 2015

For inspiration this season, Yasutoshi Ezumi turned to biomimicry, a science that imitates natural forms to…

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Fall 2014

The designer turned out a feminine collection of flattering staples.

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Spring 2014

The designer's spring lineup showed less experimentation than his previous offerings.

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Fall 2013

Yasutoshi Ezumi delivered a mix of tailored pieces and cozy knitwear this season.

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Spring 2013

The designer presented a collection of expertly draped jersey pieces.

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Fall 2012

The designer turned out knit dresses, sweaters and garments constructed of draped fabric in a palette of…

Yasutoshi Ezumi RTW Spring 2012

The collection was sleek and sophisticated, with clean lines and simple shapes.