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Yeohlee RTW Spring 2023

Spring was filled with Yeohlee's signature takes on mathematical, geometric details designed to amplify each…

Yeohlee RTW Fall 2022

"God is in the details," Yeohlee said. She was quoting Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, but a truer statement…

Yeohlee RTW Spring 2022

Yeohlee Teng's aptly described her spring collection as, "a real mashup of everything — thoughts, ideas…

Yeohlee RTW Fall 2021

Teng's latest collection served as a true testament to her messages of sustainability, endurance and…

Yeohlee RTW Spring 2021

Teng embedded the collection with an element of necessity, where the clothes were multifunctional, made…

Yeohlee RTW Fall 2020

Yeohlee Teng played with tactile fabrics for her effortlessly chic and highly versatile collection.

Yeohlee RTW Spring 2020

Sophisticated constrictions, geometric lines and graphic black-and-white combinations converged into this…

Yeohlee Resort 2020

The collection was fluid and drapey, brimming with minimalist geometric details the designer has long…

Yeohlee RTW Fall 2019

Yeohlee dived into years worth of archival fabric and inventory to create a wholly upcycled, sustainable…

Yeohlee RTW Spring 2019

The designer injected color and print into her unfettered modernist designs.

Yeohlee Resort 2019

Yeohlee focused on making rain gear that could be worn in any weather.

Yeohlee RTW Fall 2018

Discreet and sober, the concise collection showed references to Japanese samurais and Chinese amahs.

Yeohlee RTW Spring 2018

Yeohlee Teng is from the intellectual school of fashion designers, but she prioritizes comfort via natural…

Yeohlee Resort 2018

The collection consisted of efficient designs in a variety of refreshing fabrics.

Yeohlee RTW Fall 2017

Yeohlee Teng revisited her fabric archives to create a terrific collection of coats, jackets and separates.