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Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2023

Men turning women into dolls made the designer angry and he took that out on archetypal garments, taking them…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Spring 2023

The Japanese designer made a departure from his typical all-black collections, even showing colorful prints…

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Fall 2022

Now more than ever, Yamamoto's clothes feel honest, authentic and radical again.

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Fall 2022

The show was filmed in front of a live audience at the brand's Aoyama flagship store in Tokyo, and broadcast…

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2022

While the mood may have been mystical and ethereal, the designer's inspiration was very much grounded in the…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Spring 2022

The designer used the jacket as a metaphor for all men being equal, and evoked emotions whipped into a frenzy…

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Fall 2021

The designer's punk romantic collection nodded to 19th-century silhouettes and 21st-century streetwear, a…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Fall 2021

The designer recast many of his signatures into the wardrobe of a world in distress.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2021

The Japanese designer braved travel restrictions to show his timeless creations under the chandeliers of…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Spring 2021

Suits were crinkly and conceptual, with sleeves that looked as if they were slashed or torn.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Fall 2020

"I wanted to fight with the 19th century."

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Fall 2020

The show's theme was "partisan," which captured the irreverent, hardscrabble appeal of the collection.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2020

Yohji Yamamoto delivered an ultrachic collection that was as controlled as it was poetic.

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Spring 2020

The designer sent his models slowly down the runway, many with disheveled hair, to his contemplative…

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Fall 2019

"I was enjoying it because I became like a young girl creating clothing," said the designer.