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Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Fall 2018

The force of the collection lay in the masterful mix of tailoring and flou.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2018

There was beauty and familiarity. And with 40 looks shown in 30-plus minutes, there was a lesson in patience…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Spring 2018

"New winds are blowing," said Yamamoto after a beautiful show that drew its inspirations from the painter's…

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Fall 2017

"I felt I needed to change," the designer said backstage after presenting an exquisite show.

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Fall 2017

Yohji Yamamoto's poetic show was built around workwear and the power of the body.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2017

Yohji Yamamoto's spring collection was full of asymmetrical cuts, jackets missing sleeves and even some…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s Spring 2017

Rooted in loose, oversize layers, the collection felt current and had character to spare.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Fall 2016

Yohji Yamamoto's "subtraction" approach to his fall collection was rooted in simplified sexiness.

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s RTW Fall 2016

The designer's collection was chockablock with supersized silhouettes.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2016

Yohji Yamamoto's mostly black spring collection had boning, draping and wrapping — all it masterfully…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s RTW Spring 2016

The lineup was one of the designer's tightest in recent memory.

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Fall 2015

Two ideas, incongruent but both from the core of Yohji Yamamoto's aesthetic canon, composed the calm and raw…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s RTW Fall 2015

With their chopped-up clothes and scarred faces, some of the models in the Yohji Yamamoto show brought to…

Yohji Yamamoto RTW Spring 2015

A primal tension pulsed through the show. Yet this was more than a study in sensuality unleashed; it was…

Yohji Yamamoto Men’s RTW Spring 2015

A nomadic spirit ran through the collection, with outfits that were spliced together like vintage treasures…