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Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2023

The designer layered brightly colored, ultra-sheer fabrics into voluminous, sometimes fantastical looks.

Yoshio Kubo RTW Fall 2022

Eschewing a traditional show, the designer instead presented one-off conceptual pieces made by a digital…

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2022

Five years after his last runway presentation in Tokyo, the designer returned to showcase a more refined…

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2022

Yoshio Kubo looked to ceremonial garb to create a contemporary utilitarian look.

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Fall 2021

Yoshio Kubo explored the notion of "yugen," or mysterious inner beauty, continuing his study of the symbolism…

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2021

The Japanese designer combined classical ninja attire and modern-day men's wear this season.

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Fall 2020

The Japanese designer twisted and turned patterns inspired by traditional men's garments, tailored suits and…

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2020

Kubo slashed the arms of a jacket, giving them a texture like fish scales, and created capes out of the…

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Spring 2019

The designer's gangster-inspired collection included a see-through bomber stuffed with banknotes.

Yoshio Kubo Men’s Fall 2018

A forced airplane landing on Mount Everest inspired this collection, which was featherlight, dreamy — and…

Yoshio Kubo, Moto Guo, Consistence Men’s Fall 2017

The Italian fashion chamber organized a collective show held at the Armani Theater.

Yoshio Kubo RTW Fall 2016

For fall, the designer Yoshio Kubo created what he described as "a joint collection" with the accessory brand…

Yoshio Kubo RTW Spring 2016

Yoshio Kubo used the concept of "vintage and modern" to create a high-energy spring show full of…

Yoshio Kubo Men’s RTW Fall 2015

Camels and eagles were both the starting point — and the stars — for Yoshio Kubo this season.

Yoshio Kubo Men’s RTW Spring 2015

This show and its Latin-revolutionary-fisherman vibe provided scores of terrific-looking clothes for hip…