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Y/Project Spring 2023

Optical illusion prints featured scans of signature designs, like the label's infamous janties.

Y/Project Men’s Fall 2022

Glenn Martens collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier on optical illusion body prints inspired by a '90s-era…

Y/Project Men’s Spring 2022

The coed collection included a collaboration with Fila on sportswear classics with a twist.

Y/Project Men’s Fall 2021

Glenn Martens took the label in a more polished direction with his first unified men's and women's collection.

Y/Project RTW Spring 2021

The designer doubled down on his signature transformable clothes, including jeans with a V-shaped waistline.

Y/Project Men’s Spring 2021

The brand is launching a new eco-friendly line dubbed Evergreen, and will unveil its e-commerce platform next…

Y/Project RTW Fall 2020

The season was an ode to all things Y/Project, including the diffuse historical references that are the…

Y/Project Men’s Fall 2020

The collection was inspired by small-town celebrations in the designer's native Belgium.

Y/Project RTW Spring 2020

Taking a step back from the fashion merry-go-round, Glenn Martens revisited brand staples like his signature…

Y/Project Men’s Spring 2020

Through signature playful draping and volumes, the designer spun an old world elegance on regular garments.

Y/Project RTW Fall 2019

Glenn Martens' collection was a celebration of individual expression that expanded the brand's eveningwear…

Y/Project Men’s Fall 2019

The collection represented a crystallizing of vision for Glenn Martens as he continues to enlarge his…

Y/Project RTW Spring 2019

Glenn Martens reinforced his signatures without succumbing to redundancy and introduced a sly uptick in…

Y/Project Men’s Spring 2019

Using classically tailored jackets, suit coats and sportswear as a base, he stretched layers of Lycra fabric…

Y/Project RTW Fall 2018

Glenn Martens took his women's collection in a campy direction with fringed skirts and high-heeled versions…