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Yuhan Wang RTW Fall 2023

"Kill Bill" met "Marie Antoinette" in this take on the femme fatale.

Yuhan Wang RTW Spring 2023

The designer was inspired by pioneering female pilots and reimagined aviator uniform silhouettes with her…

Yuhan Wang RTW Fall 2022

Wang brings Victorian references into a modern context for a new generation of women who are not afraid to be…

Yuhan Wang RTW Spring 2022

In light of the disappearance of Sarah Everard, Wang felt the urge to weaponize her girls with a "Kill Bill"…

Yuhan Wang RTW Fall 2021

Her fall collection is a series of beautiful portrayals of womanhood, togetherness and inner strength.

Yuhan Wang RTW Fall 2020

Wang's collection felt strong and optimistic, despite being inspired by the Victorian rituals of mourning and…