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Yves Salomon RTW Fall 2020

The furrier debuted a "Resource Pact" stating its plans to drastically reduce the production of animal fur.

Yves Salomon RTW Spring 2020

The brand is pivoting toward shearling, leather and feather options instead of its usual fur pieces.

Yves Salomon RTW Fall 2019

A capsule of upcycled furs designed in collaboration with André Walker was the standout.

Yves Salomon RTW Spring 2019

Yves Salomon on his main collection continued to steer the focus away from fur and onto a bulked up…

Yves Salomon RTW Fall 2018

The big news here was a new capsule of patchwork furs made from unused pelts and unsold garments.

Yves Salomon Men’s Fall 2018

Peter Hornstein brought a new casual spirit to the line, with oversize outerwear that used fur as an accent.

Yves Salomon RTW Spring 2018

The French furrier went light on fur and heavy on leather, a new, paper-thin type.

Yves Salomon RTW Fall 2017

More versatile and wallet-friendly furs were big themes of the furrier's fall collection.

Yves Salomon RTW Spring 2017

Tribal and ethnic references got the glam treatment this season.

Yves Salomon RTW Fall 2016

Overall, the outerwear-centric collection sported a more youthful, laid-back flair, also thanks to a quirky…

Yves Salomon RTW Spring 2016

For spring, Yves Salomon kept exploring fashions of the late Sixties and early Seventies.

Yves Salomon RTW Fall 2015

A Seventies flair prevailed for fall.

Yves Salomon RTW Fall 2014

For his first ready-to-wear collection, the French furrier worked a chic contemporary vibe, complementing the…