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Z Zegna Men’s Fall 2021

Alessandro Sartori fused cutting-edge technicality and revisited sartorial elegance in his charming Z Zegna…

Z Zegna Men’s Spring 2021

Alessandro Sartori experimented with fibers and textiles to inject lightness and functionality into the Z…

Z Zegna Men’s Fall 2020

Alessandro Sartori embraced a lighter, more relaxed fashion approach this season which felt fresh and…

Z Zegna Men’s Spring 2020

The collection put the focus on a serious issue facing our planet: desertification.

Z Zegna Men’s Fall 2019

The lineup was inspired by the world of urban cycling.

Z Zegna Men’s Spring 2019

Alessandro Sartori combined tennis references with both street and sartorial influences in a dynamic and…

Z Zegna Men’s Spring 2018

The versatile lineup offered a range of elegant formal options.

Z Zegna Men’s Spring 2017

Travels inspired this collection, which combined streetwear with relaxed tailoring.

Z Zegna Men’s Fall 2016

Francesco Muzi and Murray Scallon bridged high-altitude trekking and urban dressing with wit and an…

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Spring 2016

Z Zegna collection creative directors Paul Surridge and Murray Scallon delivered a sporty lineup filled with…

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Fall 2015

For his sophomore collection at Z Zegna, designer Murray Scallon continued to build the brand's identity.

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Fall 2014

Mop-top hairstyles, stovepipe pants and rib-hugging tailoring signaled a Sixties moment at Ermenegildo…

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Spring 2014

Paul Surridge took a stab at minimalism, marrying the house’s grand tailoring tradition with a streamlined…

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Fall 2013

Paul Surridge revisited men's classics through a 3D lens.

Z Zegna Men’s RTW Spring 2013

Paul Surridge honored retro American classics while retaining a modernist, minimalist aesthetic that was in a…