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Zadig & Voltaire RTW Fall 2022

The French brand returned to its roots with an eye towards global growth.

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Spring 2021

Cecilia Bönström offered ivory tuxedo jackets and perfectly-faded jeans in a collection made of natural and…

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Fall 2020

Cecilia Bönström mined Seventies' childhood memories for her fall lineup, which exuded Parisian…

Zadig & Voltaire Men’s Fall 2020

Cecilia Bönström chose lightweight, streamlined classics to convey nonchalance.

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Spring 2020

Cecilia Bönström took the Zadig & Voltaire woman — best known for her rock-chic attitude — into the Ritz for…

Zadig & Voltaire Men’s Spring 2020

Mining paparazzi photos of Nineties heroes Leonardo DiCaprio and Keanu Reeves, the Parisian label offered a…

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Fall 2019

Cecilia Bonstrom combined the effortless cool of models' off-duty looks with a sartorial sensibility. 

Zadig & Voltaire Men’s Fall 2019

Cecilia Bönström chose to channel rock and Pop Art aesthetics for fall as Zadig & Voltaire seeks to build its…

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Spring 2019

Cecilia Bönström sprinkled in vintage flower prints, bringing femininity of a slightly different flavor to…

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Fall 2018

The energetic runway highlighted a balance of contrasts.

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Spring 2018

The message was love; the clothes were a balance of contrasts.

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Fall 2017

Cecilia Bönström conceived a easy-to-wear collection, which combined Parisian glamour with New York street…

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Spring 2017

The festival-vibe collection nodded to perennial rock greats.

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Fall 2016

With this selection for fall, Cecilia Bönström channeled a mix of urban classics with more romantic…

Zadig & Voltaire RTW Fall 2015

There was a grungier vibe than usual to the contemporary line, perhaps reflecting the recent arrival of Paulo…