Zaid Affas

Zaid Affas RTW Fall 2016

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Zaid Affas RTW Fall 2016

Wearable coats and jackets featuring oversize sleeves and rounded shoulders balanced streamlined, floor-length skirts, tapered trousers and even the occasional straight miniskirt.

clock March 15, 2016Marcy Medina

Zaid Affars RTW Spring 2016

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Zaid Affas RTW Spring 2016

Los Angeles-based Zaid Affas presented a collection of sculptural, impeccably tailored clothes for spring.

clock October 2, 2015Marcy Medina

Zaid Affas RTW Spring 2015

Fashion Show Reviews

Zaid Affas RTW Spring 2015

The simplicity of Affas’ futuristic tailoring puts the focus on the beauty of the European and Japanese fabrics he uses.

clock September 28, 2014WWD Staff



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