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Zang Toi RTW Spring 2020

In a show that celebrated his 30 years in the fashion business, Zang Toi looked to the country of his birth…

Zang Toi RTW Fall 2019

Tunes playing pre-show at Zang Toi's latest show — "This Land Is Your Land" and "Take Me Home, Country Roads"…

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2019

Zang Toi's spring collection was a homage to Yves Saint Laurent.

Zang Toi RTW Fall 2018

Zang Toi's Roman holiday-themed collection had a mostly gray scale palette with hints of pink, orange and…

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2018

Italy's Lake Garda's vibrant colors inspired the designer's collection focused on a sober elegance peppered…

Zang Toi RTW Fall 2017

Zang Toi's fall collection of classic ladylike clothes gave his fans exactly what they want.

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2017

The designer, inspired by France, channeled the sensuality of cascading wisteria and variations on the…

Zang Toi RTW Fall 2016

Inspired by après-ski in the French Alps, the designer revealed a dimension beyond his traditional comfort…

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2016

Zang Toi's runway highlights included crisp white cotton organdy blouses and neat A-line dresses with vibrant…

Zang Toi RTW Fall 2015

For fall the designer sent out an elegantly chic collection inspired by the beauty of Venice.

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2015

Zang Toi’s celebrated his 25th year in business with a collection called "A Privileged Life: The American…

Zang Toi RTW Fall 2014

The designer got off to a strong start with a few crisply tailored haberdashery looks.

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2014

Toi’s evening looks offered the glamour he does best, as in a black silk gazar tunic and trousers embellished…

Zang Toi RTW Fall 2011

The designer upped the drama with opulent evening gowns in mostly emerald green and black combinations.

Zang Toi RTW Spring 2011

The over-the-top pink floral gowns and odes to western wear verged on the costumey.