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Zoë Jordan RTW Spring 2020

Zoë Jordan worked a lively, Ibiza-flavored lineup of sporty knitwear apt for the festival circuit — or the…

Zoë Jordan RTW Fall 2019

Jordan focused solely on knitwear for her collection inspired by her recent trip to Kenya.

Zoë Jordan RTW Spring 2019

Zoë Jordan's recent move to Majorca inspired her playful, beachy spring collection.

Zoë Jordan RTW Fall 2018

Zoë Jordan expanded her knitwear-centric brand into a collection of savvy streetwear for fall.

Zoë Jordan RTW Spring 2018

The designer's cool knitted cashmere sets were designed for stylish international globe-trotters.

Zoë Jordan RTW Fall 2017

Zoë Jordan looked to Drew Barrymore and the cast of "My So-Called Life" as muses for fall.

Zoë Jordan RTW Spring 2016

Zoë Jordan referenced all things nautical in a spring 2016 collection that had both sporty and sophisticated…

Zoë Jordan RTW Fall 2015

It was a winter wonderland of the urban kind walking through the designer's intimate presentation.

Zoë Jordan RTW Spring 2015

British designer Zoe Jordan successfully focused on the idea of industrial texture in her collection inspired…

Zoë Jordan RTW Fall 2014

The designer's sharp fall collection featured lots of leather and motor sport references.

Zoë Jordan RTW Fall 2013

The designer, who launched her collection for spring 2012 sent out a collection rich in texture and print.