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Zuhair Murad RTW Spring 2019

Tiki Tattoo patterns were an unlikely choice for a label that tends to operate in more precious territory.

Zuhair Murad Resort 2019

The designer embarked on a nautical theme, albeit retaining his signature poetry and femininity.

Zuhair Murad Couture Fall 2018

Zuhair Murad sprinkled military uniforms into a world inspired by Imperial Russia's tsarinas and their…

Zuhair Murad RTW Fall 2018

Zuhair Murad is hoping to dress his opulence-loving consumer around the clock.

Zuhair Murad Couture Spring 2018

The Lebanese designer looked to Native American symbols and visual vocabulary for a collection filled with…

Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2018

The Lebanese designer added an Edwardian touch to his tradition of sexy cocktail attire.

Zuhair Murad Bridal Fall 2018

Zuhair Murad takes you through a romantic "midwinter's night dream."

Zuhair Murad RTW Spring 2018

The Lebanese designer took inspiration from ancient Greece's mix of warrior princesses and their more…

Zuhair Murad Couture Fall 2017

The designer was inspired by the Gibson Girls of the early 20th century for his parade of elegant gowns in…

Zuhair Murad Resort 2018

The collection had a stronger daywear bent without losing any of the signature poetry and femininity.

Zuhair Murad Bridal Spring 2018

The collection drew inspiration from the Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro, working in themes of lush…

Zuhair Murad RTW Fall 2017

The designer mined the carefree mood of the Sixties for his fall collection.

Zuhair Murad Couture Spring 2017

The designer was inspired by a pyrotechnics display in Japan for his couture collection, which he released in…

Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2017

The designer's inspirations for this sparkly fall collection were Chinese graphics and embroidery — as well…

Zuhair Murad Bridal Fall 2017

The lineup of fantasy gowns offered signature elaborate beading and plenty of drama.