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A Former Model’s Guide to Eating Greens

Katrine van Wyk is hoping to change the way people eat with her latest book, "Best Green Eats Ever."

It isn’t easy being green, but Katrine van Wyk is hoping to change that with her latest book, “Best Green Eats Ever.”

“I had a book come out last year called ‘Best Green Drinks Ever,’ so this is a follow-up where we’ve taken it a step further with soups, sides and main courses,” van Wyk said.

Filled with recipes, such as cauliflower tabbouleh and dandelion pesto born from van Wyk’s travels and tasting new flavors, this paperback provides a variety of ways to cook kale and brussels sprouts, among other veggies.

“I came to New York [from Norway in 2006] as a model, left that, and then I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition,” said the health coach, who works for Dr. Frank Lipman. “I’m a self-taught cook — I’m certainly not a chef — which I think is a big part of this book. It’s very simple. There’s no fancy knife skills required.”

“Best Green Eats Ever,” out Jan. 5, also was created for all types of diets, including vegan and paleo regimens.

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“It’s a way for people to eat more greens,” she said. “A lot of people know we should be eating them, but we just don’t know how, and we get a little stuck doing the same thing over and over.”