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The Secret to Adele’s Grammy Nails

The singer was the big winner, but retailers hope to cash in on her nails.

It was hard to miss Adele’s signature, long almond-shaped nails as she scooped up Grammy Awards for album and record of the year on Sunday night. Celebrity manicurist Kimmie Kyees was behind the look she called a “glassy nail.”

Kyees said she used Red Carpet Manicure’s Oh So Posh Gel Polish, a nude cream, to create a sheer, glassy base to complement Adele’s long nails. “We added a tiny, subtle extra hint of color that just adds a bit more sexiness, I did this by blending the base into a slightly darker hue at the tip of the nail — a modern and beautiful take on the French manicure,” she explained. That was accomplished with Red Carpet Manicure’s Crème de la Crème, a peach nude cream. “Adele is a timeless beauty, so we decided to go with elegant nails that would complement multiple looks. As a manicurist, I love seeing Adele on stage — she’s always using her hands as she sings,” Kyees said.

Longer, almond-shaped talons were visible at the Grammy Awards, giving the industry a flicker of hope that nail color sales will roar back to healthy after three years of sinking into the red.