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Agent Nateur and Shiva Rose Partner on Deodorant

The longtime friends and collaborators are adamant about getting women to use non-toxic personal care products.

Agent Nateur founder Jena Covello and The Local Rose blogger Shiva Rose have joined forces to make you smell better naturally.

The longtime friends collaborated on an aluminum-free deodorant named Holi Rose N 4 containing rose and sandalwood. Priced at $24, it will launch at the end of this month online on and

“We are a good team,” said Rose. “She’s a little younger than me, and I love her youth and enthusiasm. We each have our strengths, and it is a good balance. For me, the scent is the major thing and, for her, it might have been the packaging. I love this new age we are in right now where more and more women are helping each other out. My friends call it the new-new age.”

Covello was equally effusive about Rose. “She’s incredibly inspiring. She’s an amazing woman, friend and mother,” she said. “Our message together is very simple: we want women to use non-toxic cosmetics. Holi Rose is made from love and really good ingredients that are free of pesticides and GMOs.”

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Concerned about aluminum-filled deodorants’ possible links to cancer, Rose has relied on natural deodorants since she was in her twenties and was pleased when Covello decided to throw her hat into the natural deodorant segment last year. Covello developed Agent Nateur because she wasn’t able to find deodorants that kept her odor at bay until she whipped up mixes of coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, beeswax, sunflower butter, avocado butter, castor oil, raw honey, hydrogen peroxide, eucalyptus oil and lavender essential oil for her brand’s stick deodorant.

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“I had no intention of selling it. My friends were like, ‘This deodorant works.’ I tested it out on 100 people and 90 out of the 100 wanted to buy it, so I knew I had a viable product,” said Covello. “It’s really hard to get a natural deodorant in stick form to work. There are deodorants in jars that work, but to get my formula in a stick and to have it be the right consistency, I cooked it over 100 times, and it took me nine months.”

It took Rose, who is also the founder of a namesake skin-care line, and Covello almost as long — about six months — to perfect the packaging and fragrance of Holi Rose N 4. “I’m such a scent snob, and we had to get it right. We felt like little witches in my kitchen creating alchemy as we tried out different roses and sandalwoods, and we did hit on the right scent,” said Rose. “I’m always of the thought that it’s better to take time to put out something incredible rather than rush it.”

Holi Rose N 4’s packaging is similar to Agent Nateur’s customary packaging with the addition of pink and gold, and a sketch of a rose on the box. There’s nothing fussy about the sleek, contemporary look of Agent Nateur. “The packaging of most green beauty brands just isn’t on par with luxury cosmetics,” said Covello. “I wanted something that was a reflection of me, and my aesthetic that is very clean and minimal.”

Agent Nateur produces every single product itself. Covello and the seven people working with her complete up to 600 bottles a day. “It is very challenging to find a lab that will not put toxic ingredients into the product. The labs have their own formula, and they have their system. They don’t want to reinvent the wheel for a natural deodorant,” she said, noting she’s been considering opening a small lab to produce Agent Nateur as it grows.

Agent Nateur’s unisex deodorant is currently available at around 250 stores globally, including The Detox Market, Beauty Collection, ABC Home, Aedes De Venustas, Shen Beauty, Spirit Beauty Lounge and Goop. Holi Rose is the brand’s most feminine scent, but it’s moving in a male fragrance direction next with the upcoming launch of a men’s deodorant.