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Alpyn Beauty Pledges Plastic Neutrality, Partners With Repurpose

The brand will be making donations to process plastic from ocean pollution in order to achieve a net zero plastic footprint.

Alpyn Beauty already favored glass jars in the name of using less plastic, but the brand is taking its efforts to a new level.

Looking to offset plastic produced for product lids and actuators, Alpyn Beauty has partnered with Repurpose Global, a company that harvests and processes plastic waste from the ocean for proper recycling. The brand has pledged to become fully plastic-neutral.

The basis of the partnership is simple: Repurpose Global estimates the amount of plastic produced by Alpyn, then provides an estimate of how much it costs to remove an equivalent amount from the ocean, at the rate of $0.25 per pound, which Alpyn then donates to the efforts. The donation size will shift as the brand increases or decreases product manufacturing.

Although many brands have touted more sustainable packaging initiatives, Alpyn Beauty’s stake in preserving the environment also involves the wild-sourced ingredients for its product formulations. “As a founder of a brand that is founded upon making an investment in our environment, it’s a symbiotic relationship: we use wildcrafted plants in our formulas,” said Kendra Kolb Butler, founder of Alpyn Beauty. “In everything we do, we are always looking to support that natural world because we rely on each other. Nature is an ingredient supplier for me.”

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As for how long the partnership would continue, Butler said the brand had no definite end date, although the company looking for alternatives to the plastic components of its packaging.

Butler cited new guidelines from retail partner Credo Beauty as one of the reasons for the initiative. “I was very inspired by Mia Davis [director of mission at Credo], constantly talking about what’s going on in the environment,” she said. “Credo is kind of leading the charge with packaging and sustainability guidelines.”

Credo is looking to eliminate single-use wipes and masks by June 2021, and virgin plastics are to be replaced with at least 50 percent recycled plastics by June 2023, among other guidelines. “Knowing that we are a skin care company and we sell single-use products, hopefully, everyone together can push to a movement and change,” Butler said.

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