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BioBelle to Launch Unicorn Sheet Masks, Skin-Care Line

The brand's latest mask series is holographic.

Unicorns are prancing into the beauty category in a very real way.

The mythical creatures are the focus of an upcoming launch from fast-growing mask brand BioBelle, which is slated to release the Unicorn Collection in the next few months, according to founder Forty Amsel. (Unicorns have also inspired nail polish and highlighter products from other beauty brands.)

BioBelle’s Unicorn collection features three different types of masks made with the brand’s patented Tencel sheets (made from wood fiber). The unicorn part of the equation comes upon application — the masks appears holographic on the skin.

The Unicorn Glow variation features chocolate, mulberry and honey to brighten and nourish skin, aiming to increase skin radiance. BioBelle’s Dream Skin mask is meant to act as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer, using berry complex, matcha green tea and apple fruit acid to replace several steps of a beauty regimen. The Beauty Shake mask is made with vanilla bean cream and red dark cherries meant to clarify and brighten skin. Each mask sells for $4.99.

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The holographic — and therefore Instagram-friendly — launch fits in with BioBelle’s overall plan to leverage social media to capitalize on the popularity of sheet masks. The brand also makes things like a Purifying Black Lace Hydrogel Glam Mask ($5.99) that makes users look like their faces are covered in lace while using Glycolic acid meant to brighten skin and minimize lines.

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“Social is everything,” Amsel said. And when it comes to the unicorn sheet masks, “you take a selfie, and you look beautiful,” she said.

That idea — of masking and selfie-ing — runs through BioBelle’s product line. The company’s new Perfecting Primer Sheet Mask ($4.99) is meant to be used before makeup application and comes with pink hearts or stars on it. The five-minute mask contains tea tree oil, rosehip extract and vitamin C.

Several of BioBelle’s masks, including the Perfecting Primer mask, occupy a space beauty industry experts have identified as key in skin care: skin preparation. BioBelle has another launch planned for that category later this year — a series of masks meant to be worn to calm skin down after workouts and before other activities.

“You work out, your skin is red and your pores are enlarged, so after your workout you can do this sheet mask, and it will minimize the pores and soothe your skin — it’s formulated for that,” Amsel said.

The brand is also planning to debut its first-ever skin-care products this fall, Amsel said. The products include a cleanser, serum and moisturizer and will be in the $12 to $30 price range.

“The story behind these is antipollution — how many hours a day do you have blue light in your face [from screens]? So all the ingredients in this line is to make sure this isn’t going to affect your skin,” Amsel said.

Right now, BioBelle is sold in about 2,000 doors, including about 700 Ulta Beauty locations, Belk and other retailers, as well as HSN. Discussions are ongoing for other potential doors, Amsel noted. Industry sources estimated that BioBelle did about $5 million in sales for 2016 and could more than double that in 2017.