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Bond No. 9 Unveils Scents Inspired by New York’s Bond Street and Dubai

Bond No. 9 unveils scents inspired by New York’s Bond Street and Dubai.

After 12 years, more than 60 fragrances and almost every avenue, alley, park and square foot of New York City, Bond No. 9 is unveiling a scent inspired by its flagship on 9 Bond Street, appropriately dubbed B9.

“We wanted it to be unisex,” said Laurice Rahmé, founder and owner of Bond No. 9. “It’s the best of all worlds, meaning gardenia because it’s the love of America, and oud because it’s the love of the rest of the world.”

The fragrance, which is packaged in a deep aubergine bottle and displays a 3-D gold embellishment bearing the scent’s name, blends notes of saffron, gardenia leaves, amber and musk.

Priced at $320 for 100-ml. and $260 for 50-ml., B9 will be sold at Bond No. 9 boutiques,, select Nordstrom doors, Harrods and Saks Fifth Avenue in August.

Although Rahmé wouldn’t talk financials, industry sources estimate that B9 could do $6 million to $7 million at retail worldwide in its first year on shelves.

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But that isn’t all Bond No. 9 has in store as its fall lineup. The company took a trip outside of the country for the first time with its Dubai three-piece collection, which was revealed exclusively at Harrod’s in mid-July.

“Dubai has been trying to imitate New York in its architecture with highrises, skyscrapers and hotels,” said Rahmé. “So it’s a pure Arabian-style fragrance with a New York touch.”

In November, the Dubai range, which includes three scents, Indigo, Ruby and Emerald, will launch in at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bond No. 9 boutiques and select Nordstrom doors. Indigo, which is so far the U.K.’s bestseller, combines notes of lychee, jasmine and amber, while Ruby opens with bergamot, rose and sandalwood. And Emerald fuses saffron, orris and leather.

“If you go to Dubai, you think you’re in downtown New York,” added Rahmé. “So we are continuing to capture a scent of a place.”

Packaged in jewel tones, each bottle displays a golden Moroccan door, and Rahmé is planning to launch 12 more fragrances in this collection.

Rahmé declined to talk sales, but industry sources estimate that the Dubai collection could do $9 million worldwide in its first year at retail.

Also launching in November is the Bond No. 9 holiday collection inspired by the tales from “One Thousand and One Nights.” Adorned in Swarovski crystals, Bond No. 9 has created everything from a jewelry box including 3-ml. fragrances for $375 to a refillable fountain containing the B9 eau de parfum priced at $8,500.

To top off the array of new products, the company will unveil a program called Bond No. 9 Forever in December. With each fragrance purchase at Bond No. 9 counters and online, consumers will be entered to win a lifetime supply of Bond scents. Six times a year the winner will receive a 100-ml bottle.

“It’s very hard to get a new customer,” said Rahmé. “So our job as a good perfume house is to keep them.”