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Catbird Debuts Fragrance Line in Collaboration with Obeah

Catbird collaborates with Brooklyn fragrance house, Obeah, on its first range of scents.

In collaboration with fragrance house Obeah, Williamsburg jewelry store Catbird, which is known for its dainty and delicate section, is about to leave a trail of three debut signature scents inspired by mythology.

“The fragrances transition between your home and as your personal fragrance,” said Leigh Batnick Plessner, Catbird’s creative director and general manager. “We thought a lot about how in New York we so rarely go into each other’s homes and we catch a rare glimpse of them on Instagram. It’s kind of this mythic territory — what does it look like, what does it smell like aside from your neighbor’s cooking in the hallway. We love this idea of moving back and forth out of a space and carrying the scent with you and leaving it behind.”

Meanwhile, the fragrances, which were composed by perfumer Jonathan Steadman, are named after three mythic muses, Clio, Calliope and Erato. Clio, the muse of history is a mix green leaves, Mediterranean fig and sandalwood. Calliope, the muse of epic poetry, blends honey rose and patchouli, while Erato, the muse of lyric poetry, combines banana leaf, violet and tobacco.

Slated to launch on June 25 at Catbird and on, the collection will be priced at $45 each. It will also include a bath soak in the Calliope scent, which will retail for $50.

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But Catbird isn’t stopping there in terms of beauty.

While the boutique already has a small offering of beauty items, including Catbird’s own line of candles and solid perfumes, the company is planning on adding an exclusive color collection with a makeup line it sells. Also, the team at Catbird is in the process of developing another perfume and is rebranding its candles and adding new scents.

Batnick Plessner added, “These scents felt like three different archetypes, three different women that we’re surrounded by [in our store].”