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Celebrity Makeup Artist Lisa Eldridge Brings Gigi Hadid Inspired Look to Makeup App

Fans of the popular makeup artist can instantly try on one of her most celebrated looks straight from their smartphone for free on MakeupPlus.

Celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge has teamed with mobile beauty app developer Meitu to launch a new virtual try-on look launching Nov. 17 on Meitu’s MakeupPlus app.

MakeupPlus x Lisa Eldridge, is available through Meitu’s free MakeupPlus app and allows users to “apply” looks Eldridge creates. The debut application is a look she used on Gigi Hadid, one of her clientele of A-listers, which resonated with her fans. The style, dubbed The Lisa, is achieved with a classic red lip, a crisp cat eye, feathery eyelashes and luminous, glowy skin, Eldridge said.

Eldridge is no stranger to merging beauty and technology. She was an early adopter of displaying her techniques on her web site, through a blog and on YouTube — even before the channel was the go-to source for makeup applications. She believes apps further elevate the level of engagement for beauty enthusiasts.

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“The first time I saw MakeupPlus, I was blown away by the accuracy and precision of the technology and re-created looks,” she said. “The ability to be able to instantly try on a new makeup look is revolutionary. And it doesn’t cost anything and it might actually save you because you can decide if you like a color before you buy it.”

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While a top model inspired the first style launched, Eldridge said she culls ideas from her celebrity clientele as well as average women. She’ll keep an ear to the ground through social media for future styles. Users can share their finished “Lisa” look instantly via social media using the hashtag #MyLisaLook and #LisaxMakeupPlus. MakeupPlus also provides step-by-step instructions and a YouTube video by Eldridge on how to create the look in real life. There is a link on the app to her site to find out the exact products used.

Eldridge believes beauty is undergoing one of its biggest explosions since the World War I when women earned money they spent on cosmetics. “We’re living at a time of a massive cosmetics boom. Women are more connected and talking about makeup and it is so much easier to actually see an application [than to follow in printed form],” she explained.

Eldridge is Meitu’s first global artist. “She’s a perfect fit for our app,” said Liz Goodno, global marketing communications manager at Meitu. “No one else is better at teaching women to explore and bring looks to real life.” Makeup can get expensive, she said, so apps allow the chance to try before buying. Apps also help reduce product returns.

Meitu, a leading app developer, has apps installed on over one billion unique mobile devices worldwide. MakeupPlus’ proprietary facial recognition maps each user’s unique facial features, allowing people to experiment and try on makeup looks instantly. Women can test colors and techniques they wouldn’t otherwise have the products, tools or time to try, and then bring the new looks they desire to life with in-app tutorials, product recommendations and tips.

Goodno added that the next step in the U.S. is to partner with brands to be featured in beauty apps.