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Collistar, Fiat 500 Partner For ‘Ti Amo Italia’ Campaign

The cosmetics firm has teamed up with the automotive company’s iconic car for a limited edition makeup line.

500 SHADES OF FIAT: Italian cosmetics company Collistar is taking on the third stage of its “Ti Amo Italia,” or “I love you Italy,” campaign with the iconic Italian car Fiat 500.

After ventures in 2014 into the world of fashion and design with Sardinian designer Antonio Marras for a limited-edition color collection and design brand Kartell for the one-off makeup line Trasparenze, the cosmetics firm has now partnered with the Italian car-maker.

Dubbed “Ti Amo 500,” or “I love you 500,” the spring 2016 capsule collection will bow in February in over 30 countries and picks up the makeup trend strobing — a highlighting technique to give the face a dewy, shimmery glow — with two kits in coral and pink. Each kit will include blush, eye shadow and highlighter, retailing for 32.80 euros or about $36.50 at current exchange.

The makeup line will debut with an advertising campaign with an all-Italian cast, featuring model Lidia Comini, shot by photographer Max Cardelli, who was also behind the lens for the “Ti Amo Italia” campaign with Kartell in 2014.

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For Daniela Sacerdote, Collistar’s chief executive officer, the choice of the new partner was not as unusual as it may appear at first. “After fashion and design we felt the need to explore another world, different, but bordering on ours, to tell another facet of Italian talent,” she said, adding: “The project that resulted from this partnership is playful, joyful, ironic and surprising.”