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Dermablend Earns PETA Certification, Goes Vegan

It is the first L'Oréal-established brand to earn PETA certification.

Dermablend Professional has earned PETA’s approval.

The beauty brand, founded by dermatologist Dr. Craig Roberts in the early Eighties, has officially received cruelty-free certification from PETA, making it the first L’Oréal-established brand to do so. The announcement is twofold, as Dermablend is also removing all animal-derived ingredients from its formulas. It plans to roll out 100-percent vegan-friendly products by the end of the year.

“We felt it was important to seek third-party certification to reinforce and validate our commitment to cruelty-free and to show our consumers that we’re listening to their needs,” said Malena Higuera, Dermablend’s general manager. “Part of knowing that you have skin security is also knowing and feeling confident that it is cruelty-free. We enjoyed working through this process with PETA to see it come to life.”

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To prove the safety of its products, Dermablend uses more than 13 methods, none of which incorporate animal testing — a fact the brand had to prove to PETA in order to receive the organization’s certification. PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program requires companies and brands to submit detailed paperwork describing the kinds of products, how they test their products, where the products are sold and the ingredients used. L’Oréal-acquired brands such as IT Cosmetics, NYX and Urban Decay have previously received PETA’s cruelty-free stamp, though Dermablend is the first L’Oréal-established brand to do so.

Dermablend has also removed two animal-derived ingredients from its formulas, allowing it to begin manufacturing 100-percent vegan products.

“In this industry, that takes some time to get into market, so by the end of this year and beginning next year, those products will be flowing to the market,” said Higuera.

Dermablend’s best-selling products include the Flawless Creator Foundation, $40, Illuminating Banana Powder, $29, and the Cover Creme Full Coverage Foundation, $39. The brand has a partnership with Amazon and is sold in all Ulta doors, as well as nearly all Dillard’s doors and select Macy’s locations.

When asked how much the company did in sales last year, Higuera said: “We are having a significant year in Dermablend. I’m excited about the acceleration that we’re having.”

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