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Digital Download: Atolla Receives Patent for Adjustable Skin Analysis System

The brand makes custom serums that evolve over time.

Direct-to-consumer skin-care business Atolla has received a patent for the process it uses in order to analyze shoppers’ skin and then create customized serums. 

Unlike other similar technology, Atolla’s systems include a feedback loop that helps adjust skin-care regimens over time with continued skin analysis. The offering is via mobile phone, where consumers go through a 10-minute at-home skin test. Then, Atolla’s algorithm works to determine which ingredients should go into a given customer’s serum — skin health is the ultimate goal.

Atolla’s $45 serums are the brand’s only product offering, but the patent, granted on Jan. 28, runs across all skin-care products. 

Atolla’s customers are meant to take monthly at-home skin analysis tests, with the possibility of receiving a different serum with different active ingredients the next month, depending on their skin’s condition. 

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“The serum changes with you over time to hit the goals and outcomes you have in mind for your skin,” said founder and dermatologist Ranella Hirsch.

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The patent covers Atolla’s method of creating a skin-care product, including the comprehensive analysis of skin health, she said. The goal is to create a blueprint for how the company can change the approach to skin care, she added, and “skin care that is predictive, rather than reactive.”

Atolla is based in New York, and has raised a pre-seed round of capital. The business is currently raising seed financing.

As customization and personalization take hold in the beauty world, companies that provide those products have generated significant interest. In skin care, there’s Curology, which customizes acne-treatment routines for customers. In makeup, there’s MatchCo., which developed custom foundation shades for consumers before being acquired by Shiseido, and Le Teint Particular, the custom foundation product of L’Oréal’s Lancôme. In hair, there are companies like Function of Beauty and Prose, which develop custom hair-care formulas.

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