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Drybar’s Fast-Paced Growth Trajectory

The company will also enter Canada for the first time in September.

It’s been five years since Alli Webb’s mobile blow dry business opened its first Drybar location. Now, the salon, which has spawned a slew of imitators, will open 14 stores by the end of 2015, bringing the total number to 57.

“We need to intelligently identify new markets to break into while continue to strengthen our positioning in existing ones,” said John Heffner, chief executive officer of Drybar.

The week of Sept. 15, Drybar products will be sold at all 117 U.S. Nordstrom doors. Currently, the items are sold at Drybar shops, Sephora U.S. and on QVC.

Nordstrom is known as the destination that offers a really rewarding shopping experience and Drybar is all about customer experience,” said Heffner. “So we see this partnership as really highly synergistic.”

With a new retail entry also brings a new market. Drybar will enter Canada for the first time with its debut Drybar shops-in-shop consisting of five chairs. Specifically, the stand-alone store will be in the confines of the new Nordstrom flagship in Vancouver, which is slated to open Sept. 18.

Also, the company will enter 53 Sephora doors in Canada in addition to its 319 current stores in the U.S. Drybar sales in Sephora are up 105 percent year to date.

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Meanwhile, Drybar’s newly launched app for its Manhattan-based Dry-on-the-Fly business, which brings one of its trained stylists right to the client’s door for $75, is on track to hit its projected revenue goals .

Heffner declared, “In simple terms, the strategic vision for Drybar is continued growth and to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.”