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Editor’s Letter: Stella & Dot’s Jessica Herrin

Herrin has now turned her sights to beauty, with the late-February launch of Ever, a skin-care line targeted towards Millennials.

You may not recognize the person on the cover of this issue of WWD Beauty Inc, but if her past successes are any indication, you soon will.

Jessica Herrin is an entrepreneur par excellence, whose most recent start-up, Stella & Dot, a direct-selling accessories brand, hit sales of $220 million last year. (It’s profitable, too.)

Herrin has now turned her sights to beauty, with the late-February launch of Ever, a skin-care line that encompasses everything Herrin has learned in her myriad ventures about Millennials and how they shop. Herrin is crystal clear about the line’s potential—“Ever is a billion-dollar global brand in the making”—she declared to writer Rachel Brown, and industry insiders such as Leslie Blodgett, who uses words like “disciplined, strategic and authentic” to describe Herrin, agree. Decide for yourself after reading
“Follow the Leader” on page 38, then meet five more California-based entrepreneurs who are also adroitly combining the worlds of technology and beauty in “Start-Up City” on page 42.

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