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Erez Sabag Unveils Gorgiality Art Project

All proceeds from the photography exhibition and book will benefit the Look Good Feel Better Foundation.

The concept behind beauty and fashion photographer Erez Sabag’s latest project, a book and photo installation called Gorgiality, was to celebrate individual beauty.

“We take these little imperfections and make art out of them,” Sabag said about celebrating features that have long been thought of as imperfections in the beauty industry, like freckles and natural hair. “It was the idea of creating something a bit different and to empower women.”

To create the images featured in the Gorgiality book and  exhibition, showing at the Robert Miller Gallery, Sabag worked closely with creative director David Warren and makeup artist Georgina Billington for graphic looks that show the crossover between beauty and art. Some images featured bold, geometric-inspired makeup looks by Billington, while others played with lighting and colors by Warren.

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“The idea was not to sell anything but to glorify and empower women,” Sabag continued. “I didn’t want to treat [the models] as mannequins, but I wanted them to have their own identity.”

Since he focused on individuality and empowering women, Sabag thought the Look Good Feel Better Foundation was a natural fit as the project’s charity. All proceeds from the book and photography exhibition will benefit the foundation.

“I think the charity matched [Sabag’s] intention for Gorgiality, which was really to present women in a positive light and to show what makeup and beauty can bring to women,” said Louanne Roark, executive director at the Look Good Feel Better Foundation, on why she wanted to work with the photographer. “Our charity does just that. We help women who have cancer rediscover their beauty, strength and confidence.”

In addition to donating all proceeds from Gorgiality, Sabag and his creative team are doing a photo and video shoot for the foundation to use in its advertising and workshops. Sabag also donated a photo shoot and styling session to the foundation’s second annual charity, which closed this week.

“For me, my goal and my happiness is when I make a woman look good and feel better,” Sabag said about working with the foundation. “Helping [the foundation] to help these ladies going through cancer for us was a great match to collaborate with and be a part of.”

The Gorgiality book is available for $45 with limited-edition covers available for $250 at the gallery. The exhibition will be open until May 29 at the gallery at 524 West 26th Street and prints range in price from $1,000 to $10,000.