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EXCLUSIVE: Knockout Beauty is Opening in L.A.

The new shop is located in Brentwood and will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Cayli Cavaco Reck is bringing Knockout Beauty to Los Angeles. The third U.S. location opens this week on Nov. 1.

“There’s no right time, only right now,” the native New Yorker said of timing. As she sipped tea inside Chateau Marmont on a Wednesday afternoon, she shared she had recently relocated to L.A. with her family. “There’s never really a good time to do anything in life. I thought, ‘Well, if we’re going to do it, let’s do it right now.’ That’s how Knockout Beauty was born.”

The initiative began as an Instagram account, Knocking on Forty, where Reck documented her skin-care routine as she was getting ready to turn that age. At that point, she had worked in fashion and beauty branding. As the daughter of former Vogue editor, the late Kezia Keeble, and Paul Cavaco, who created public relations agency KCD Worldwide, she was immersed in fashion from a young age. But beauty was her passion, and she used social media as a way to share her knowledge and connect with an audience.

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It was 2016, she said, when the Instagram Live feature had just launched. Reck credits the platform for her company’s growth: “It’s got to be Instagram…I started just doing these videos, and my friends would watch them, and they would message me saying that they were weirdly addicting,” she continued. “And then strangers would message me, and they’re like, ‘I’m obsessed with your videos’….no one else was doing them.”

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Knockout Beauty has evolved into a retail concept with locations in New York City’s Lexington Avenue and Bridgehampton’s Montauk Highway. And now, Reck is opening up shop inside a 867-square-foot space in Brentwood, L.A.’s upscale, westside neighborhood, at 11724 Barrington Court.

“We have a lot of clients in L.A.,” she said. “There’s a moment when everyone was talking about retail being dead. But we’re an experience…What I realized is that beauty, like the gym, your compliance is much higher if you’re going somewhere. It creates that compliance and then you get amazing results. One of the things we pride ourselves on are these incredible before-and-afters.”

Along with carrying a variety of brands in skin care, body care, color cosmetics and supplements found at the other shops, like Environ, Georgia Louise, Agent Nateur and Vintner’s Daughter (and some new ones like Prima and Mineral Air), and providing treatments such as facials and dermaplaning, the new store will also offer an in-house pharmacist. “I’ve been interested in the handholding between the external and internal,” she said. And while her consumer used to be women in their late 30s and early 40s, that clientele has expanded, she added.

“We now have from 9 to 99 [years old], truly,” Reck shared. “We have a client who will be 100 [years old] this year. I love that we’re still encouraging her to take care of her skin. And I love that a 9-year-old who is beginning to show blemishes and signs of vitamin A deficiency, we’re able to see that we can encourage them to be excited about their self-care.”

Of the Brentwood location, she said: “There’s a vibe to all the places that we’re in. They have a neighborhood vibe…And also, I wanted to be somewhere that our girls from the valley can get to easily on the 405. Our girls from Newport, too, can come up easily. It’s not just serving L.A. It’s serving the surrounding area, too.”

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