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New Eylure Vlogger Series Hits Shelves at Walgreens for Holiday

Nikki Phillippi is one of the creators of the holiday collection.

Walgreens will unleash a holiday collection building upon Eylure’s popular vlogger series.

While many mass-market brands are now flocking to influencer collaborations, Eylure knew the sales pulling power of social media stars for several years.

Before there was Gigi Hadid and Maybelline, Eylure enlisted an up-and-coming content provider named Vegas Nay in 2015 to consult on a new lash. Nay’s personal appearances at stores pulled in hundreds of shoppers.

That success prompted the brand to add an entire vlogger series. The four influencers — Nicole Guerriero, Sarai Jones, Ann Le and Nikki Phillippi — interpreted lashes to reflect their personalities. Now that team of lash enthusiasts created a Faux Mink Collection that will be exclusive to Walgreens retailing for $9.99. It will also be stocked beyond the holiday period.

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Walgreens Offers Faux Mink Lashes for Holiday
Eylure Faux Mink with Nikki Phillippi.

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“It’s so awesome to go into Walgreens where it is sold in every store, and see my face,” said Phillippi, one of the vloggers. Her lashes reflect her “girly-girl” personality.

In conjunction with the launch of the holiday lashes next month, Phillippi talked about how she became an influencer after a dance injury left her out of work and living in her parents’ house. Deeply spiritual, Phillippi turned to her faith for direction, which she said directed her to YouTube. Phillippi admitted that might sound unconventional to some. “It isn’t like God told me to go on YouTube to make a living,” she said. “But I got online and found all these creators and said, ‘maybe I should do this.’”

Since she uploaded her first video in 2012 — after putting it up and taking it down because she wasn’t confident it would gain traction — she’s built a network of 1.3 million subscribers. A vlog with her husband, a NASCAR driver who is often her videographer and has been known to apply her makeup, has 323,000 followers. She has 500,000 followers on Instagram and 236,000 on Facebook.

Phillippi’s calling card is her positivity, evident in inspiring messages along with tips and tricks in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, food and health and wellness. “I started off in the beauty space because, at that time on YouTube, lifestyle wasn’t really a thing. But then I thought, wait a minute, the Kardashians make money off of lifestyle, so why don’t I make this lifestyle. Lifestyle works well because people can see everything I’m doing and I can work with more brands.”

She’s adamant about linking with brands that are in sync with her philosophies. “I try to make sure I really fight for a brand when I work with them. I want it to be organic and in my own voice,” she said. “Everyone wants something authentic, but when you push back [with brands] and say, ‘Hey I wouldn’t say this, I thought you wanted authenticity,’ it can get difficult. I want brands to do well and I want to deliver for my audience, it takes some back and forth.

YouTube and Instagram are Phillippi’s go-to social platforms, but she is getting back into Facebook. Her biggest engagement comes from outfits of the day, but also her manicure shots for an offbeat reason. “I have crooked pinkies and when I post them I get more than 400 comments. It goes bananas…people are like what’s wrong with her pinkies and then they add they love the color.”