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Firmenich Inks Partnership With Natural Lavandin Producer

The tie-in with Coop SCA3P includes business, diversification and a sustainable farming model.

PARIS — Swiss fragrance and flavors supplier Firmenich said Thursday that it has signed a partnership with Coop SCA3P, the largest producer of natural lavandin. The tie-in includes business, diversification and a sustainable farming model.

There has been a growing demand from clients worldwide for natural, sustainably sourced perfume ingredients to be used in fine fragrances as well as in functional scented products.

Coop SCA3P is a member of Firmenich’s NaturalsTogether, a think tank focused on naturals launched in 2014.

Family-owned Firmenich is Coop SCA3P’s biggest customer for lavandin essential oils.

“Firmenich reinforces its leadership position in both naturals and sustainability in Provence and Grasse through this new agreement,” Firmenich said in a statement.

“With this partnership, Firmenich confirms its long-term investment in the region of Grasse, a UNESCO World Heritage site. We are proud to uphold the centuries-old traditions of the best naturals, from the legendary lavenders of the mountains of Provence to the exquisite roses blooming in the fields around Grasse,” said Gilbert Ghostine, the company’s chief executive officer.

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“Together with SCA3P, we guarantee a state-of-the-art supply chain for our customers and a responsible business model for the talented farmers and distillers who have dedicated their lives to producing the finest-quality lavandin in France,” he continued.

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“Years of collaboration have built mutual confidence and encouraged innovation between Firmenich and SCA3P,” explained Jean-Michel Cotta, president of SCA3P. “Our farmers and distillers need this type of long-term support from the industry. Our exclusive partnership shows that we are here to succeed in the future and to encourage the successful production of natural materials in France.”

The partnership, explained Firmenich, safeguards the rising needs of its customers for lavandin, lavenders and sage. Further, it “allows the 230 members of the Coop to anchor their productions on aromatic plants, expanding their current surfaces and bringing in new crops to further diversify their portfolio, including developments in coriander, testing innovative lavender hybrids and new exclusive ingredients,” Firmenich added.

The group said the partnership centers, as well, on best practices for sustainable agriculture.

Firmenich has many roots in the South of France, which is considered the birthplace of modern perfumery. Its third fine-fragrance atelier, Villa Botanica, is set to formally open in Grasse in spring 2021.

Firmenich has a Center of Excellence in the town, which treats more than 80 raw materials from around the globe to produce 800-plus natural ingredients.