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Flawless by Friday Launches at Lord & Taylor

The Canadian skin-care brand will be available at Lord & Taylor starting Sept. 1.

Brittny Robins, founder of Canadian skin-care line Flawless by Friday, approaches her brand the same way she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro when she was 22.

“I made it and it was so difficult. I genuinely feel that if I can do it, anybody can do it.”

Coming from a background in beauty — the resident makeup artist for her four sisters and a stint at a large cosmetics company in Canada — Robins, now 28, saw a need in the beauty industry for a systematic skin-care regimen.

“I found that I got asked the same question a lot: a quick skin fix that’s system based,” she said. “I really couldn’t find anything that would help your skin get ready for those big events, so in my spare time I was thinking about what I could do to simplify skin care.”

After consulting with chemists in Korea and using her own knowledge of beauty, Robins came up with the skin-care line Flawless by Friday to offer a collection of simple and fun products that work in unison to deliver effective and immediate results every week.

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The brand is fronted by the 5-Day Detox Facial System, a series of five 15-minute hydrogel masks all named for its own day of the week—Moisture Monday, Toning Tuesday, Wrinkle Wednesday, Tightening Thursday and Flawless Friday — which work together to maximize hydration and boost radiance to give skin the a natural glow.

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“It’s that five-day system that gets you feeling like a 10 by the weekend,” she said of the benefits sought from the detox system. “What I wanted to get across with the brand was that I wanted it to be fun and playful. I didn’t feel like where I was working there was that sort of element in the skin care.”

The Flawless line will make its U.S. debut exclusively at Lord & Taylor on Thursday Sept. 1 with 12 doors featuring the brand across the country. The line will also be sold at Hudson’s Bay department stores and will continue being sold at various boutique salons and spas in Canada.

“Flawless by Friday is performance-driven and appealing for women of all ages because it demystifies beauty,” said Shelley Rozenwald, SVP of Beauty and Fragrances at Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay, on the launch. “Being a Millennial herself, Brittny is developing her philosophy, products and company with Millennials and for Millennials.”

The skin-care line also includes Good to Go, a three-day hydrogel mask series made for men, Mesmereyes, a three-step hydrogel eye mask system, and two Forever Flawless Serums, which improve skin tone and texture. Flawless is also coming out with a new Gold Collection — three products consisting of a face and eye mask and lip treatment ­— which is infused with gold and honey. The entire line retails from $26 to $80.