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Function of Beauty Opens New York Headquarters

The space will serve as a research and development lab and will host customers on an appointment basis.

Function of Beauty is bringing its customized hair products to the New York market.

The hair-care brand, which launched online in December 2015, has set up headquarters in SoHo that includes a small-scale research and development lab and the equipment needed to create the brand’s customized shampoo and conditioner products.

“The reason why we wanted to open [the headquarters] is because I feel like every week I see another beauty product that has some kind of quiz that points you toward whatever the 12 products they end up having,” said Zahir Dossa, cofounder and chief executive officer of Function of Beauty, on the customization aspect of his brand.

For the headquarters, the brand is using the hair quiz found on its web site to create customized shampoo and conditioner for clients. The quiz asks roughly 10 questions on hair type, like scalp oiliness and hair thickness, and hair goals, like antifrizz and color protection, to create the products. Based on this input, the brand can create close to 50 billion unique products using its various performance blends and raw ingredients.

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While the quiz can be taken online, the showroom experience is designed to let clients see the products being formulated in real-time. Once the quiz is finished, ingredients from the stock of the headquarter’s 72 bottles are funneled through a machine and into the final bottle. After going through a high-speed bottle shaker, the product is ready to be taken home.

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“From an experiential standpoint [the headquarters] is a lot cooler because it’s very easy to visualize the performance blends, the bottle and how everything gets funneled into it,” Dossa continued.

The headquarters also serves as a research and development lab for the brand’s in-house research and development chemist, Joyce de Lemos, who is creating more combinations for the brand’s shampoo and conditioner and is testing out new products to add to the brand’s assortment.

Function of Beauty’s headquarters is open on an appointment basis on the fourth floor of 355 West Broadway. Prices for the shampoo and conditioner are $36 each for an 8-oz. bottle, $46 for a 16-oz. bottle and $42 for a combination set.

The headquarters is not primarily intended to sell product, but the brand has plans to open a ground floor retail space later next year. No retail sales projections were available. Dossa reiterated that the brand received a $110 million valuation last year after its Series A investment.