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House of Lashes Builds Tinker Bell Product Range

The beauty brand is betting on the fictional character driving real-life sales this holiday season.

Tinker Bell is sprinkling pixie dust on House of Lashes’ holiday gifts.

After kicking off its Disney partnership with four products launched in June, the beauty brand is expanding this month with an $18 Tinker Bell lash case and $75 limited-edition chest with the entire Tinker Bell selection. The latest introductions demonstrate the versatility of the “Peter Pan” character across a variety of merchandise.

Disney wanted to show a more sophisticated side of Tinker Bell. With lashes, it’s a completely new ball game. They wanted to reach a different audience to show that she is not just for young girls and can resonate with a broader range of customers,” said House of Lashes marketing manager Stephanie Arant. “It was great to put our spin on Tinker Bell. It helps us garner a new audience, perhaps those that might not be as familiar with us and may not wear lashes all the time, but who love Disney.”

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The Tinker Bell lash case is a Disney-fied version of House of Lashes’ popular cases. It holds three pairs of lashes, includes a mirror and has additional storage space for tweezers, lash adhesive or another small item. House of Lashes previously developed a Tinker Bell take on its lash adhesive. “This is the perfect travel item for women. If you wear lashes a lot, and you don’t want to leave them in your car and get scared by them later, you will never have a rogue lash again using this case,” said Arant.

Of course, the case is intended to be the ideal carrier for the Tinker Bell lash styles previously unveiled. To be specific, those styles are the natural-looking fake lash option Neverland, the medium-volume choice Forever Tink and the dense, multilayered offering Just Wing It, the bestseller so far. The styles are $15 each. “We were amazed at the response to them,” said Arant. “Especially on our social media channels, the response was huge. Customers were so excited to see that we were working with Disney, and they love Tinker Bell. She’s sassy and spunky, and she has great lashes.”

Set to debut on Black Friday, the chest contains the three Tinker Bell lashes, Tinker Bell lash case and Tinker Bell lash adhesive. Arant explained it was inspired by the moment in the Walt Disney movie version of “Peter Pan” in which Tinker Bell gets stuck in the keyhole of a drawer in the Darling children’s bedroom. “We played around with the whole idea of her first encounter with the Darling children,” said Arant. “It’s a great piece that you can have on your vanity and store all your makeup products in.”

House of Lashes strategically waited to release the remainder of its Tinker Bell goods for the holidays, a particularly important time for fake lashes because it’s filled with parties that women dress up for up to their eyes. “We decided to roll everything out gradually. I think it really builds excitement. We were already in talks to create the case earlier on, but we decided to launch it closer to the holidays. It’s a great gift, and it completes the set,” said Arant, adding lash sales soar during the holidays. She remarked, “There is a lot of going out, especially as you get into New Year’s, and it also provides opportunities for gift-giving. Lashes are a terrific stocking stuffer.”