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Jessica Liebeskind Debuts Color Cosmetics With a Vintage Vibe

Liebeskind has created a cosmetics collection called Vintage with the makeup-timid in mind.

Makeup artist Jessica Liebeskind has created a cosmetics collection called Vintage for the modern woman in seek of a timeless find.

“The collection is for the woman who loves sophistication and quality because like a Vintage piece, it never goes out of style,” said Liebeskind. “These are the building blocks of her makeup wardrobe.”

So why should consumers care? Liebeskind is not only a makeup artist, but also a product developer who has worked with the Estée Lauder brand and Bobbi Brown.

“I wasn’t just looking at creating makeup from the point of view of technology, new innovation and first to market,” she said. “I was so acutely attuned to wearability, all skin tones, being a global brand and identifying what works best for all women.”

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The result is a 15-stockkeeping-unit collection, including products for eyes, cheeks, lips and tools. The assortment is rooted in three pillars: new neutrals, new pigments and new textures.

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According to Liebeskind, the neutrals aren’t created to just match one’s skin tone, but complement it. Her pigments are meant to pop features and catch the light as the consumer moves, while the textures are said to deliver long-wear benefits.

“It’s about giving customers opulence for everyday,” said Liebeskind.

Packaging lends to the theme of Vintage with its winter-white and gold casing. Priced from $21 for the Sparkling Lip Gloss to $35 for a blush brush, the line will launch on HSN’s Beauty Report on Jan. 1 with a 26-minute segment. Products will also be sold on and

While brick-and-mortar distribution has yet to be finalized, Liebeskind is in conversations with specialty boutiques around the country. Additionally, Vintage will be featured in the Ipsy box for March, for which Liebeskind has created an exclusive item.

Even though Ipsy speaks to a younger consumer, Liebeskind claims that Vintage has tremendous cross-demographic opportunity.

She said, “It speaks to a young woman’s first makeup as well as my grandmother, but not that anyone in between would think that she’s wearing her mother or daughter’s makeup.”

The brand declined to comment on financials, but industry sources estimate that Vintage could reach $10 million in sales by 2018.