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La Prairie Builds Caviar Range, Revamps Bergdorf Space

La Prairie is adding Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion to its best-selling Skin Caviar range.

La Prairie is adding a new product to its Skin Caviar collection — and another step to consumers’ ever-growing skin-care rituals.

Billed by the Beiersdorf-owned brand as an “infusion of caviar,” Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion hits La Prairie’s digital flagship at on Aug. 22 and counters on Sept. 5. Designed as a pre-serum, the formula is intended for use after toner and before serum. It retails for $240.

La Prairie is taking its best-selling Skin Caviar range — the collection reportedly drives a third of the brand’s $500 million global business — and developing the concept a step further. For the first time, La Prairie will infuse new ingredient “caviar water” into one of its products.

Different from caviar extract, the hero ingredient in the almost-30-year-old range, pure water is not actively added to Essence-in-lotion, according to Dr. Jacqueline Hill, director of strategic innovation at La Prairie. Caviar water, combined with caviar extract and the brand’s proprietary Cellular Complex, are the three leading active ingredients in Essence-in-Lotion.

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According to the brand, caviar water captures the “volatile” components of caviar that typically get lost through the caviar extraction process. What this means is that in creating the new compound, caviar eggs are heated to a boil. Evaporating gases are then captured, condensed and cooled and what’s left is caviar “water.”

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“It’s an extra step for American and Europeans — but in Korea it’s already part of their ritual. The Japanese have also already adopted [this step],” Dr. Hill said of Essence-in-Lotion, likening it to a serum in terms of function. “Normally an essence is part of the cleansing process, it’s part of the infusion. But because it’s such an active product, it’s comparable to other market serums.”

Dr. Hill isn’t worried about the extra step. It’s additive, she explained, and not a replacement for toner or serum. Essence-in-Lotion allows the next products applied to work better and acts as a treatment in itself.

Francois Le Gloan, president of La Prairie, The Americas and Oceania, predicts that the formula will be used by “skin-care fanatics” as an additional step in their beauty routine, but it could also serve as an entry to the brand for a younger consumer who hasn’t bought La Prairie yet.

“This product can be an opportunity to lure a consumer who’s leaning towards foundation or BB Cream into [buying] a real skin-care product,” LeGloan said.

The development of caviar water was a sizable investment for the company, according to an industry source, who estimates that the Skin Caviar range generates between $150 to $200 million in global sales. The brand maintains a tight U.S. distribution of about 210 doors in retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s and a global distribution of nearly 5,000 doors.

Bergdorf Goodman, which has maintained a La Prairie destination within its beauty department for 36 years, will also reopen a new branded experience early next month. It has 250 square feet of retail space and a private, 80-square-foot treatment room that offers a facial exclusive to the retailer for the first time, the Swiss Indulgence facial.

The brand designed a host of custom elements for the space, from the decor (testers and countertops) to the treatments themselves, and a Mizu by Terzani chandelier — fashioned from hand-blown, crystal-finish glass — hangs over the main product display.