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Lawless Beauty Offers Prestige-Quality Natural Cosmetics

Created by Suja Juice cofounder, Annie Lawless, the line of natural cosmetics is launching with eight matte liquid lipsticks.

Natural beauty was the obvious next step for Annie Lawless.

As the cofounder of Suja Juice and a holistic health coach and with her lifestyle blog, Blawnde, Lawless is devoted to living a healthy life, but saw difficulty in applying her wellness approach to her makeup routine, which led to the launch of her namesake natural brand.

“I try to avoid toxins in my daily life as much as I can,” Lawless said. “In an effort to clean out my makeup collection, I went on a quest spending thousands of dollars on all of these natural brands, testing everything I could just to see if I could discover products I loved as much and worked just as well as luxury makeup.”

Annie Lawless
Annie Lawless for Lawless Beauty. Anthony Ghiglia

Through her testing, Lawless became frustrated with the lack of results she saw from natural brands and took matters into her own hands to create a line of natural cosmetics that had the same level of performance as conventional brands.

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Even though her brand’s point of differentiation is being 100 percent natural, Lawless knew that wasn’t enough of an incentive to get women to switch over from conventional brands. From her experience with her blog and interacting with other influencers, she saw that women are attracted to trendy products and nice packaging in addition to performance, so she wanted to offer products that had the luxurious feel of other prestige brands.

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“I care about my health and what I’m putting on my body, but I also want to see innovation and cool products,” she said on combining the natural and trendy aspects together in her brand. “My strategic vision is to create a brand that has this added natural benefit and that is a completely feel good product. I want to position it as just a really great brand alongside all of these other conventional makeup brands that everybody already knows and loves.”

Lawless’ marketing strategy will primarily take place on social media. The brand is teaming up with various YouTubers and influencers for how-to videos and Instagram Stories to show how the products work. On the brand’s own social media platforms, educational materials, like research and studies from credible organizations and research-driven articles, will be available for consumers to learn about the benefits of switching over to natural cosmetics.

Launching on Oct. 23 on her web site, Lawless Beauty will first offer eight matte liquid lipsticks priced at $25 each. Seeing the rise in popularity of liquid lipstick, Lawless saw this as an opportunity to have a buzzy launch that resonates with young consumers. She also stated that lip products are one of the most commonly ingested cosmetics, so she wanted her brand to offer a safer alternative. The products are infused with natural ingredients like plant-derived emollients, sambucus nigra fruit extract, and ozokerite, which is a vegan wax.

For the future of natural beauty, Lawless sees the category evolving similarly to the health foods movement. “In the last 10 years, the whole health foods movement really exploded and it evolved into this trendy thing and young people became aware of what they were putting into their body,” she said. “I think with makeup it’s just really beginning. People will start seeing natural beauty as a cool and trendy thing to get into because it’s good for you, and brands are doing really cool stuff that adds that chic sex appeal into a category that really needs it.”

Lawless Beauty’s initial launch will take place on the brand’s e-commerce site. Early next year, the brand will introduce 15 shades of foundation, 12 shades of concealer and loose setting powders. In the summer, the brand will add highlighters and eye products. The brand is also in talks to add retail distribution next year.

The brand estimates retail sales for its first year on the market will be $25 million.