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Natural Skin-Care Brand Nuori to Launch First Mask

The brand, which features product expiration dates on its packaging, recently rolled out in Canada and New Zealand.

One-year-old natural skin-care brand Nuori is making a mask.

The mask was born from spa-channel demand and the personal need of Nuori founder Jasmi Bonnen.

“I’ve been flying so much in the last six months,” Bonnen said. “I noticed the effect all this travel is having on my skin. It’s just drying out.”

“I was sitting on the plane and experimenting with all kinds of masks,” Bonnen added. “I thought I had to wear a superhydrating mask on the plane, and then I realized I looked like an idiot. The mask was so thick. If you’re on an airplane full of businessmen, it’s like, ‘who is this crazy lady sitting next to me.’”

Plus, she received demand from aestheticians looking to use a mask from the brand as a treatment.

“We started getting a lot more interest than we even had expected from the spa segment,” said Bonnen. “A lot of the facialists, they love Nuori products, but they said, ‘oh, you guys have to do masks because then we can do a full Nuori treatment.’”

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So, Bonnen decided to develop her own mask, aiming for something that could be used in different ways — as a sleep mask that wouldn’t get the pillowcase sticky, or as a hydrating layer during a flight.

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“I am always trying to aim for simplicity and a minimal number of things in my life, so [we] had to be able to make a product that also works if you just use it for 10 or 15 minutes,” Bonnen said. “That’s why we wanted to make it both an overnight and instant mask in one…then just go for a really, really light texture that’s superconcentrated in terms of ingredients.”

The brand’s Supreme Moisture Mask is set to roll out Oct. 31. The product contains Damask rose flower water, natural hyaluronic acid, squalene, betaine, chamomile flower extracts and vitamin B3. The goal is to treat dehydrated and distressed skin, leaving it with better tone, texture and a healthy glow. It retails for $89.

Nuori makes natural products with sell-by and expiration dates on the packaging. The idea is that the products should be used while the ingredients are at peak effectiveness.

The company’s product includes Perfecting Facial Oil, Vital Facial Cream, Vital Eye Cream, Vital Foaming Cleanser, Supreme-C Serum Treatment, Lip Treat, Perfecting Body Oil, Vital Hand Cream, Vital Body Balm, Enriched Hand Wash and Enriched Hand Lotion.

The business has global distribution in very select doors. In Paris, it launched exclusively with Collette for six months, and is rolling into Le Bon Marché in September. It also recently entered New Zealand and Canada. In the U.S., Nuori is sold in Shen in Brooklyn and ABC Carpet & Home, and is expecting to land West Coast retail distribution in the near future, Bonnen said.

The business is planning to reintroduce its hand wash and lotion gift set for holiday, and is working on new products, Bonnen said. “We have the serum that has really been selling so well…especially in the Asian market,” she said. “That’s the direction for the brand — that added focus on face care and these special treatments. So we’re going to keep on working in that direction.