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Backstage Beauty: Mugler Fall 2017

James Pecis and Lisa Butler created the beauty look of the show.

“The look today at Mugler is strong and sexy,” hairstylist James Pecis said backstage before the house displayed a catwalk collection infused with Eighties vibes. “We’re using spray mousse to prep the hair into shape and are creating a square shape. It kind of goes with the geometric part of the shoulders.”

Many of the models’ coifs were made to have angular sides and tops, with tresses otherwise pulled into a low ponytail.

Some key products used in crafting this style were Elnett hairspray and Maximista Thickening Spray from Oribe.

Makeup artist Lisa Butler, working with Clarins products, said she wanted the look to be “very young, trendy – a bit London. In my mind they should be girls in a nightclub in Shoreditch in these dresses.”

Also taking a cue from the shoulder pads, Butler drew a line between models’ eyelids and brows that angled down on one side.

“I always start with the clothes,” Butler explained. She said that other than the graphic eye, beauty at Mugler was natural. “They all just look really fresh,” she said . “We’re doing a lot of work on skin – so lots of moisturizer.”

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Among products used was Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base.