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Philippe Starck to Make His Fragrance Debut

Philippe Starck is introducing his premiere fragrance collection under Starck Paris.

Have you ever wondered what “elsewhere” smells like?

Philippe Starck has thought about it a lot — so much so that he’s bottled it and is introducing it as part of his first fragrance collection under Starck Paris. The designer, who inked a deal with the Perfumes y Diseño Group in September of 2013, created a collection of three eau de toilettes that will launch at Neiman Marcus next week.

“I’m a dreamer. Since I’m born, I’ve [felt like I’m] not in the real life, [like] I’m flying nonstop without limit. It’s not very comfortable,” Starck said of the inspiration for Peau D’Ailleurs, or the scent of “elsewhere.”

Starck’s out-of-the-box thinking, which made him a world-famous designer, is evident from concept to packaging and even marketing materials — a series of portraits with faces so blurry that it’s hard to discern the gender of the subject.

See WWD on Wednesday for an interview with Starck, as he elaborates on everything from his inspiration in creating the fragrances to his philosophy about life.

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