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Pixi Rolls Out 5 Collections Across Bath and Body, Skin Care, Cosmetics

The brand is launching 80 new sku's, including eye patches and sheet masks.

LONDON — Pixi is marking its 20th year in business with 80 new sku’s. The British beauty brand, famous for its Glow Tonic, has expanded the cult product into a full Glow range and rolled out five collections across bath and body, skin care and cosmetics.

The collections are a Vitamin-C, Hydrating Milky, Collagen and Glow line for the face and a Glycolic Body and Rose Body collection for the body. Other skin-care products include eye patches and sheet masks. New eye shadows, and a high coverage foundation in six shades are also in the mix.

“It has been a longtime dream of mine to launch a ‘body treats’ collection, and it currently feels like the right time for us to do so. We are so excited to translate our successes into the realm of body products, while staying true to our philosophy that the ingredients have to be potent, natural and highly effective,” said Pixi founder Petra Strand.

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Each collection targets specific skin concerns: Vitamin C protects against the environment, collagen boosts the skin’s elasticity and the hydrating line, which contains coconut and jojoba oil, is meant to moisturize.

Products have been formulated with skin sensitivities in mind. The brand said it found that more than 60 percent of people have skin sensitivities due to environmental factors. Their body products have all been formulated using high-quality ingredients. According to a spokesman, body oils such as the Rose Blend Body Oil is gentle enough to be used on the face.

Pixi's new product launches
Pixi’s product launches. Courtesy

The launch has been years in the making. Strand said she not only looked at ingredients that were in high demand, she listened and created products especially for Pixi’s customers.

“Especially with Glow, the collections stem from our incredible feedback from customers who use, know, and swear by Glow Tonic, so we built a family around the key ingredient, glycolic acid,” she said.

The brand has a strong presence on YouTube and its Glow Tonic product has been a favorite among influencers. It appeals to a young demographic because of its entry-level price points into quality skin care. In the collection, prices range from 10 pounds, or $13, for a Vitamin-C Tonic, to 34 pounds, or $45, for their Hydrogel Eye Patches.

While each line has been built as a regime and includes a cleanser, toner and serum, Pixi said it encourages its customers to mix products from different lines in order to address targeted skin concerns.

Each base product also differs vastly in consistency and formulation. The Hydrating Milky cleanser has a creamy, whipped consistency, while the Vitamin-C cleanser is gel-like with exfoliating properties.

Strand says her mission is to be a “glowbal” brand. On top of offering a wide selection of products, the company just opened an office in Singapore and is rolling out Pixi products at Sephora locations across Asia.

“This is an incredibly exciting and a huge opportunity for us as we are currently focused on our growth in that market. We have also partnered with Douglas in Germany and are rapidly expanding in Scandinavia,” said Strand.