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Refillable, Natural Personal Care Brand Raises 10M Euros

Based on a subscription model, the French company offers a range of natural products coming in tablet or stick form.

PARIS – The refillable, natural personal care products brand, based on a subscription model in France, has raised 10 million euros in funding to help increase its investment in research and development, recruit new employees and accelerate communication.

The French company’s seed round was backed by White Star Capital, Founders Future, 360 Capital and business angels.

To drastically reduce the use of single-use plastics in bathrooms by having people switch over to a natural, ecological and France-made products is’s aim.

“But existing alternatives, such as solid cosmetics, which require real sacrifice in terms of experience, are struggling to convince consumers beyond a small circle of early adopters,” said in a statement.

On average a typical household throws out 8.8 pounds of plastics from hygiene and beauty products per year.

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The subscription-based company was founded by Aymeric Grange and Thomas Araudo. It includes a line of products that are sent to people’s home with reusable bottles made of recycled plastic. The products’ active ingredients come in the form of water-free tablets or sticks, created with the environment in mind.

The products include shower gel and cleansing foam in dissolvable sticks, toothpaste in chewable tablets and refillable stick deodorant.

The line is carried by retailers such as 135 Monoprix stores since April, as well.

“The formulas use natural and healthy ingredients, and all the key stages of manufacturing – formula production, plastics manufacturers, logistics specialists, etcetera – are carried out in France,” said. “With no water, those products are up to 10-times smaller than traditional products, emitting 10-times less CO2 during transport. Finally, the entire range is free of disposable plastic, thanks to the refill system.”

The company plans to recruit approximately 15 employees, ramp up its communication and strengthen links with its users. It has more than 80,000 subscribers on social networks. Focuses, too, will be on R&D and expanding the product line.

“It is in the process of being certified as a B Corp, is a signatory to the Climate Act and measures its progress in terms of impact in a transparent manner thanks to the Zei platform,” said, referring lastly to a digital platform highlighting brands that engage in sustainable practices.

“White Star Capital is convinced that the companies that will have a positive impact on the daily lives of consumers and on the planet will also be the most successful businesses,” said Matthieu Lattes, a partner at White Star. “This is why we are proud to support”

“Financing is in line with our ambition to support impact entrepreneurs,” said Marc Menasé, a founding partner at Founders Future. “We are particularly proud of this second investment from our Tech for Good fund, which fits perfectly with our vision of uninhibited impact. The aim is to help consumers adopt healthy and ecological habits on a daily basis.”

“ is a very good example of a company that has succeeded in combining ecological impact and business potential, which is a necessary condition for moving the lines and becoming a future champion,” said Alexandre Mordacq, a partner at 360 Capital.

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