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Secret Society

These six Los Angeles–area plastic-surgeons are names whispered frequently among Hollywood insiders.

Few dare speak Hollywood’s plastic-surgery secrets aloud, but the names of the doctors to the stars are passed along secretly in elite circles. The following six Los Angeles–area doctors are names whispered frequently among insiders, praised for delivering tasteful results worthy of secret keeping.

Raj Kanodia

414 North Camden Drive

Beverly Hills


Known as the nose maestro. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Megan Fox and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz are just a few of the celebs thought to have chosen him to perfect their noses. Kanodia sticks to a closed rhinoplasty method and shies away from drastic changes. “Quite often, I’m able to fool the mother’s eye, and the mother’s eye is the keenest,” he says.

WAIT LIST: Four to six months for a nose job.

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Brian Novak

414 North Camden Drive

Beverly Hills


Novack could probably have enough funds to cover many lifetimes if he sold celebrity plastic-surgery secrets to the prying media. As it is, he is doing just fi ne in this lifetime with a bevy of high-profile patients said to include Courteney Cox and Demi Moore, who has reportedly tested Novack’s repertoire with liposuction to the hips, thighs and stomach; breast implants; a knee lift, and facial rejuvenation.

WAIT LIST: Four to five months for a facelift.

Garth Fisher

120 South Spalding Drive

Beverly Hills


Fisher has had his hands on so many breasts in Hollywood it would make Hugh Hefner blush. Of course, that means he occasionally erects a pair of gazongas, but Fisher is considered thoughtful in his approach. Holly Madison, best known as Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, told Us Weekly, “The doctor wanted to go smaller and I talked him up!” He’s also well regarded as a revisionist, tapped by the likes of Lisa Rinna and Bruce Jenner.

WAIT LIST: Four months for a breast augmentation.

Bernard Markowitz

9675 Brighton Way

Beverly Hills


It’s rumored Sharon Stone leaves it up to Markowitz to handle her preservation—and that seems to have turned out pretty well. Markowitz is vociferous about steering clear of the latest plastic-surgery fads. “I have to really work hard to get a result,” he says. “There’s no way I can put a string in [a face], tighten it up for 10 minutes and get any kind of result.”

WAIT LIST: Three to four months for a facelift.

Steven Svehlak

9201 W. Sunset Boulevard

West Hollywood


Svehlak will do facelifts, fat grafting, brow-lifts, nose work, eyelid surgery, ear enhancement and fillers, but he’s become recognized most of all for breast and body work. Tara Reid picked him after going “to a million different doctors” to perform a so-called doughnut mastopexy to rectify a botched boob job, and liposuction to smooth out the poor results of previous stomach lipo. Svehlak has said his approach is to keep it subtle.

WAIT LIST: About one month for breast augmentation.

Lawrence Koplin

465 North Roxbury Drive

Beverly Hills


Koplin could be described as a facial-fat fanatic. He believes that what many plastic surgeons miss in facelifts is bringing volume back to the face with fat, and he specializes in fat-grafting processes in tandem with traditional facelifts to do just that. “If you don’t do fat transfer with a facelift or a neck-lift, it’s a failure,” says Koplin, who is rumored to have worked on rectifying Michael Jackson’s past surgery mishaps.

WAIT LIST: About one month for a facelift.