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Singer-Songwriter Jewel to Release Wellness Brand With HatchBeauty

While sharing her personal life story, Jewel unveils the concept behind NatureWell.

Los Angeles-based HatchBeauty has partnered with singer-songwriter Jewel to launch wellness brand NatureWell, announced HatchBeauty cofounder and executive chairman Tracy Holland at Beauty Inc’s virtual Wellness Summit.

In conversation with Holland, Jewel opened up about her personal, 30-year-old journey with wellness. “It’s a responsibility to pass that on, take what I’ve learned,” she said.

Since the release of her memoir, “Never Broken: Songs Are Only Half the Story,” the musician has been candid about her turbulent younger years, the sexual harassment and abuse she faced as a child. Born Jewel Kilcher, she left home in her teens, became independent and began working, but at the age of 18, she found herself homeless.

“[It was] because I turned down the sexual advances of a boss,” she continued. “I wouldn’t sleep with him, so he didn’t give me a paycheck and fired me.”

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She started living in her car, but then it got stolen, she shared. “I realized I would die on the streets or figure out how to change….I didn’t want to be a statistic.”

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Tracey Hatch of HatchBeauty and Jewel speaking at the Beauty Inc. Wellness Summit.
Tracey Holland of HatchBeauty and Jewel speaking at the Beauty Inc Wellness Summit.

Exploring wellness, particularly mental health, became a powerful tool to survive, even as she found success in music. Now, in one form or another, wellness is rooted in all her business endeavors, she said.

“The more we can teach women that self care is beauty care, the better,” she continued, emphasizing the importance of practicing mindfulness and meditation. “I really think it’s one of the reasons I look like I do at 46 [years old]. It’s because I’ve taken care of my internal landscape, and it’s affected my external landscape.”

With NatureWell, the aim is to share a holistic approach at an accessible price point. The brand, launching within the next three months, includes ingestibles like teas and vitamins, as well as topical products.

“There’s a tremendous need in the population for well-curated, trustworthy, authentic leadership,” shared Jewel. “That’s what my fans have really looked to me for.”

The strategy behind HatchBeauty has been to partner with familiar names across industries to bring new wellness brands to market. With NatureWell, the company is “bringing a prestige perspective” to a mainstream environment due to its high-quality ingredients, Holland said. And with wellness being a “multidimensional” category, working with Jewel is an opportunity to “bring a total experience into that wellness environment,” she added.

Looking ahead, HatchBeauty plans to “continue to do what we know best which is to really listen to the consumer, to be thoughtful and mindful of what the retailer is needing and how we can assist by supporting with our trend information and our consumer feedback, what the consumer is look for,” Holland said.

“And then, to continue to work with experts like you on the innovation of the product,” she said, addressing Jewel. “Because without you, our compass isn’t set.”